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Guangdong Magwise Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Magwise Precision Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, located in Dongguan, Guangdong, with a factory area of 11,000 square meters and more than 150 employees. Magwise boasts first-class production equipment and testing instruments, continuously optimized production processes, and a comprehensive quality control system. It has achieved IATF16949 certification and SONY's AQAS certification, making it a GP partner of SONY. Magwise Precision specializes in the production of magnesium and aluminum alloy die-casting and machined products, particularly excelling in products requiring high surface treatment, high precision dimensions, and high-quality stability.

Magwise Precision can provide customers with one-stop solutions including DFM (Design for Manufacturing) scheme design, prototype processing, mold design, die casting, machining, surface treatment, and APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) control. Our services cater to clients in the automotive, smart devices, medical, and aviation sectors. Magwise Precision's products are extensively used in products of world-class brands such as SONY, GM, NVIDIA, BOEING, CRESTRON, and VW, where the quality of Magwise Precision's products has been highly recognized by customers.

In the future, Magwise Precision will continue to adhere to the philosophy of 'respect and people-oriented', constantly improve its processing capabilities and management level, and provide top-tier products and services for first-class customers.

Registered Capital
Plant Size
11000 ㎡


We focus on crafting every detail, meeting the needs of global customers with manufacturing capabilities that exceed expectations.

On our production line, every technological innovation and refinement of each process aim to improve manufacturing quality and efficiency. We pursue not only products of unparalleled precision but also strive to create leading die-casting solutions for global customers, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Diverse materials and processes
  • Prototype materials: magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, PC (polycarbonate), nylon, etc.
  • Prototype processes: machining, 3D printing.
  • Mold design: mold flow analysis, DFM (Design for Manufacturability), precision mold fabrication.
  • Prototype materials: Secondary processing: various processing techniques.
  • Surface treatment: oil spraying, powder coating, anodic oxidation, micro-arc oxidation, etc.
Precision manufacturing
  • Die casting equipment: 88T-650T Toyo, Lijin die casting machines, etc.
  • Die casting materials: magnesium, aluminum, zinc alloys.
  • Die casting products: precision, complex parts.
  • Machining equipment: Fanuc, Brother 4-axis machines, etc.
  • Machining process: fixture and jig design.
Quality assurance
  • System certification: IATF16949
  • Inspection methods: Over 20 types including CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), X-ray, colorimeter, film thickness gauge, salt spray test, etc.
Rapid delivery
  • Production equipment: Industry-leading equipment such as 3D printing, die casting, CNC, etc.
  • Production speed: Rapid production of high-precision prototype parts within 10 days; rapid production of magnesium alloy die-cast parts within 21 days.


With diverse materials and precision manufacturing, we offer a one-stop manufacturing solution.

  • Smart parking lock case

    Smart parking lock case

    Aluminum alloy

  • Medical device monitor case

    Medical device monitor case

    Aluminum alloy

  • Camera bracket

    Camera bracket

    Aluminum alloy

  • Power tool accessories

    Power tool accessories

    Makita Japan

  • Omron medical device arm

    Omron medical device arm


  • Omron navigation case

    Omron navigation case


  • Aircraft equipment handle

    Aircraft equipment handle

    Aluminum alloy

  • Juicer handle

    Juicer handle

    Aluminum alloy

  • High-speed train hinge

    High-speed train hinge

    Aluminum alloy

  • Electric saw handle body

    Electric saw handle body

    Aluminum alloy

  • Scooter controller case

    Scooter controller case

    Volkswagen Germany

  • Inverter


    Volkswagen Germany

Material Introduction (Partial)

Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum alloy is an alloy material made from aluminum and one or more other elements such as copper, magnesium, silicon, zinc, etc.

material aluminum alloy
Advantages of Aluminum Alloy:
  • Lightweight Aluminum alloy has a lower density compared to traditional metal materials like steel and iron, making it widely used in aerospace, automotive manufacturing, and other fields.
  • Good Corrosion Resistance The surface of aluminum alloy forms a dense oxide film that can effectively prevent further corrosion.
  • Good Electrical and Thermal Conductivity The electrical and thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is only second to silver, copper, and gold.
  • Good Processing Performance Aluminum alloy can be processed into various shapes and specifications of parts through extrusion, forging, casting, and other methods.

Aluminum alloy is widely used in many fields, including but not limited to aerospace, automotive production, rail transport, electronic equipment, construction, etc. The continuous development of technology indicates that the potential applications of aluminum alloy in the future will be even greater.

Die Casting Process

Cold Chamber Die Casting

Partial Equipment List

We continuously introduce the latest technology and equipment, providing strong momentum for product research and development, and production, driving the company's continuous innovation and development.

Trust Earned Through Professional Excellence

Our products and services enjoy a high reputation in the industry. With high standards and attention to detail, we have won the unanimous praise of our customers. Over the years, we have continuously optimized and innovated, committed to providing customers with value and experiences beyond expectations. It is this pursuit of excellence that has earned us the trust and long-term support of many customers.

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